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Illuminate Your LinkedIn Private Coaching

Do you need to leverage your LinkedIn?  Are you ready to sign up for a  program that will give you information, confidence, and results



Get your LinkedIn focused on your ideal client. Your business is not a carbon copy of someone else’s business. Your clients are not carbon copies of other clients. You are unique, your clients, are unique, and you do not need a “one size fits all” plan for your LinkedIn.

You need a strategy that helps you:

  • Determine what results and engagement you are looking for.
  • Best ways to reach your ideal client.
  • Determine what appeals to your prospective client base.

I’m Mary Wu and I’ve seen many business owners struggle because they weren’t making the most of their social media or they were making some very fixable mistakes. Let’s make sure this isn’t happening to you. What my clients have said:

  • Mary just set me straight on best ways to optimize LinkedIn  for my new services. Some golden nuggets in her consultation and our conversation!” S.M.
  • Mary Wu has helped me with many social media challenges on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Her coaching was particularly helpful when I decided to start a Facebook Group for my company. She gave me practical advice and insight based not on reading a book or googling a topic, but based on her experience with her own group and her experience helping others grow groups. Naturally, I turned to her when I decided to launch my YouTube channel, when I wanted to increase my presence on LinkedIn, and when I had questions about Instagram. Her depth of knowledge is amazing and her willingness to help refreshing.” A. A.

What’s included:

  • One-hour consulting sessions, determined by your needs.
  • LinkedIn strategies are based on your business, your clients, your goals, and your personality 
  • Hands-on assistance moving you from where you are – to where you want to be.

It’s time for you to hop on the
“on-ramp” and move forward on your social media channels.

Call Mary Wu at 630-885-3035 for more information or





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