About Mary

LinkedIn is the most powerful online networking forum for B2B (business to business) and P2P (people to people) connections. If you need to learn the secrets of proven best practices for LinkedIn, contact Mary.

I am a natural helper, a natural problem solver, and love to learn new things.

I have one spouse, two adult children, and one adorable grandson.

I’ve had quite a number of previous experiences, but I was lead to helping people build their business using LinkedIn when I discovered that my clients and myself were finding our most valuable clients and connections on LinkedIn.

I was born in the fine city of Chicago Illinois, and raised my children in the charming suburb of Naperville. After our children were finished with high school, my husband decided he was moving away from Illinois winters, and I joined him. We now reside in Nashville, Music City, Tennessee. However, if you need my services you’ll find me in my online office, on Zoom.