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Virtual Workshops

Do you need to learn more about LinkedIn? 


Join my upcoming LinkedIn workshop   

Together we’ll build a LinkedIn strategy to increase client attraction and build referral partners. 

Initial investment $475

This 6-week workshop includes:

  • 6 Zoom group sessions.
  • Small group so that each participant gets INDIVIDUAL attention
  • Recording of sessions (in case life happens and you miss a week) 
  • PLUS — two individual 30-minute sessions (scheduled at your convenience – one during the workshop and one after the workshop is over.  


Thursday mornings starting DECEMBER 2022



Sign up below 

Starting December  9:30 am CDT Thursday mornings 


9:30 AM Central Time Thursday mornings 




Are you using LinkedIn to its full potential?

  • To connect with influencers
  • To increase your visibility
  • To boost your SEO 


We’ll cover the following topics 

  • The foundation (headline, photos, summary)
  • Strategies (comments, interactions, posts, recommendations) 
  • Streamlining 
  • Client and prospect-focused activities. 


When you’re done you’ll have

  • A profile that attracts YOUR ideal clients 
  • A strategic plan including regular action steps  


Contact Mary at mary.wu.va@gmail.com if you need to arrange for a payment plan. 



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