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Facebook Group Checkup

Does your Facebook Group need a checkup?



“IT WILL BE EASY,” they said.

But you started one and found, well, it’s not that easy.

Maybe it is though, with the right activities and processes and planning, you can have a vibrant, engaged, and ultimately profitable Facebook group.

Mary Wu is a Certified Community Manager and a Facebook Power Admin. She has access to resources and information that is only available to a select group of Facebook Group Administrators.

If you are not getting the results you are seeking from your Facebook Group – contact Mary, she’ll review your Facebook Community and give you some powerful steps you can take to improve your group engagement and growth TODAY.


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So, what does all this mean?

  • First – you’ll make an appointment using my scheduler. Then you’ll (temporarily) add me as an Admin to your group.
  • BEFORE our appointment, I’ll review the growth and engagement, and take an overall look at your group and how things are functioning.
  • THEN, we’ll meet in my Zoom room where I’ll give you action steps to improve your group growth and engagement. I’ll record this meeting and send it to you along with any notes.


  • Your group must be more than 3 months old
  • Your group must have more than 50 members (otherwise we don’t get the growth and engagement reports)
  • You must desire growth for your community.


Click here to schedule your Facebook Community Checkup … 






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