Outsourcing: How to “Let it Go”


Copyrights probably forbid me from adding the lyrics, but I’m sure if I use the phrase “Let it Go” and suggest you think about recent Disney movies — well the song will be stuck in your head (see below).

I’ve written about outsourcing in the past (see Related Articles), but I think this is a good time for areview.

Today we’ll talk about why to outsource, next time we’ll talk about finding good people to work with, and after that, we’ll talk about costs.
Most of my readers are busy solopreneurs or small business owners, and most of then can define their life using one word — BUSY!!!

I know the feeling. Somewhat overwhelmed, somewhat confused (what do I do NEXT).

Let’s start with a question, what do you do FIRST? In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, before Harry went into the first challenge, the tip that Alastair Moody gave Harry was to “play to your strengths.” Moody then went on to ask Harry what he was best at. Harry’s strength was flying a broomstick, and he used that strength to get past the first task.

What are YOUR strengths? What are you really good at? What would you do if nobody paid you to do it because you love it that much? What brings in the most profit?

Those are the things you should be spending your time on. Other tasks can be outsourced to someone that has different strengths than you. How would your life be if you could spend more time doing what you LOVE and less time doing what you find challenging or mundane?

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