Tuesday Tip – the POWER of social media


Tuesday tip — we’ve been having problems with our Internet/Phone/TV service. The trouble started a while ago and it’s been gradually getting worse. And (of course) there never seems to be an actual problem when the technician is in the house.

My spouse works for a major telecommunications firm and works out of the house most days. As a virtual assistant my work (and income), are tied to having the technology I need at my finger tips. About two weeks ago our services started to go completely out — on a semi regular basis. We had our “box” replaced and it got worse instead of better.

SO – last week I sort of blew a gasket. People that know me well know that this is something that doesn’t often happen — but the gasket blew. In addition to doing what I’m supposed to do (call the provider when there’s a problem), I added the step of complaining, regularly, on Twitter. With the provider tagged.

Today the technician came up and somehow managed to replace some wiring that has not been replaced that was quite torn up. It looks like it’s been that way for a while.


I have no idea why this wasn’t discovered in all the other service calls we’ve had over the past many months. I certainly hope the problem is fixed now and we’ll have reliable service.

But if we don’t — I’m going to call the provider AND take to the Twitter-verse.

It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and in 2015, the squeaky wheel sounds like a certain little blue bird.

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