5 Days of Celebrating Small Business #2


May 4-8 2015 is National Small Business Week. 

I’m going to mark this occasion by posting some business tips (for small businesses) and articles each day geared toward small businesses.


E-troductions. Today another tip from my own archives, how (and why) to do an e-introduction.

One way to help THREE small businesses at one time is to perfect the art of the e-troduction. As we’ve all heard over and over again, people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. However, there might be times you have need of a service, and you are not familiar with anyone in that field. Or sometimes, someone may need your services but they have yet to meet you.

You might be asking: “How does an email introduction help THREE people? I can see how it helps two people but three? Come on Mary, can’t you count?”

Let’s take an example. Ross needs a new website for his dinosaur museum, Chandler builds websites, and Joey knows both of them.

  1. Ross (the introducee) is being helped by being introduced to someone who is reliable and who is known, liked, and trusted by someone he knows, likes, and trusts.
  2. Chandler (the introduced) is the person being introduced. Chandler might not get some new business, but at least he has the opportunity to write a proposal. Additionally Chandler is getting to know a new contact, and while Ross may or may not hire Chandler in the future, Ross might introduce someone to Chandler.
  3. Joey (the introducer) is being helped by showing that he is a connector. Joey has also set and example of the art of introducing resource providers (or joint venture partners).

I use this at least twice a month in my own business, and I’ve had a few people e-troduce me to others. I’m finding that follow-up is swifter and more consistent when preceeded by a personal introduction. In the digital age, “personal” introductions are most often done electronically.

Who can you introduce me to? Who can I introduce you to?

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