Sometimes you get twice as much.


This week I’m celebrating National Small Business Week. I’m going to take the 5 “work” days of the week and give 5 “shout outs” to local small businesses. John Donne said that “No Man is an Island,” and this is more than true in business. Even a solopreneur (an entrepreneur who works alone) needs a support team; collaborators, brainstorming partners, or someone to tell them to keep on keeping on when they’re staring at an empty cup of coffee and a blank idea sheet.

Except today I’m cheating and introducing you to TWO people.

First is Ron Ben Joseph of various places AND Authentic Road Productions, and second is his right hand (and better half) Kerry Ben Joseph of Kerramel Photography (and no, it’s not an accident that it sounds like a sweet treat).

When I was in the process of researching whether or not to start up a Virtual Assistant business, I talked to quite a few people. I saw small business owners and entrepreneurs (and solopreneurs) as my most likely clients, so I wanted to brainstorm with a few small business owners and see if there was a need (and what that need was).

At the time I didn’t know that a quick cup of coffee would end up being 6 coaching sessions but Ron is a fabulous coach. Ron is very good at connecting with people and communicating in their “language” and having them realize that they DO have the confidence to chase their dreams.

One of the things that was a concern of mine was getting a good headshot. I know a number of good photographers for babies, or pets, or birds, but someone that is able to shoot people of all ages and stages is hard to find. One day Ron brought the better half of Kerramel Media (and her equipment) along and probably the best was to describe the results (which are seen on my blog and LinkedIn profile) is to say that my husband almost got in trouble when he saw the photos.

He was pretty amazed at how much better I look.

I’m the type of person that loves to be BEHIND the lens, I like to follow people around and TAKE the pictures.  Usually the front of the camera is fairly uncomfortable for me, and Kerry made it be, well, not too frightening.

Some things can be bootstrapped, but sometimes you need a “professional” touch.