An “Insightful” Partner


This week I’m celebrating National Small Business Week. I’m going to take the 5 “work” days of the week and give 5 “shout outs” to local small businesses. John Donne said that “No Man is an Island,” and this is more than true in business. Even a solopreneur (an entrepreneur who works alone) needs a support team; collaborators, brainstorming partners, or someone to tell them to keep on keeping on when they’re staring at an empty cup of coffee and a blank idea sheet.

Today we’ll meet Evie Burke, productivity coach at One Insight Closer.

Through a bit of coach training, and a few lessons learned in the school of life, Evie has developed into “The Entrepreneur’s Productivity Coach.” She offers one on one coaching for you and your business, and she also has a very informative newsletter, website and a blog that covers topics from managing tasks to preparing for vacation to becoming unstuck (HOW many of us get stuck at times).

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been hit with an insight as I’m looking over her weekly newsletter, either thinking “WHY didn’t *I* think of that” or “I USED to know that, when did I forget it.” So a SHOUT OUT to Solopreneur Evie Burke of One Insight Closer, for keeping me on track and increasing my productivity, one insight at a time.