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Soup Up Your Social Media

Are you afraid of messing up your social media presence?

Are you ready to sign up for a social media program that will give you information, confidence, and a place to ask questions? 

Sign up NOW $37.00/mo (minimum 6 months) 

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If you need more info first, read on:

  • You know your business like the back of your hand, and you’re a pretty smart cookie.
  • And you know that having a presence on social media is important for your success, but you have sooo many questions and are afraid of messing up this very visible and important area of marketing.
  • And you’re hearing so much conflicting advice about what you should be doing!
  • So you end up doing nothing with it or posting a lot for a bit and then it’s crickets.

  • You’ve tried accumulating all the free information you can but end up with a lot of conflicting advice.
  • You’ve tried doing it yourself, but wonder if you’re doing it wrong or if you should be doing it differently.
  • You’ve tried posting a lot, but it was exhausting and taking up a lot of time and then quickly fizzled.

These things didn’t work because you were throwing ideas against the wall to see what would work. However, there was no solid strategy behind it and you didn’t really understand why you should do those things.

So, of course, it was exhausting and you moved on! Perhaps your business is in a good place right now — but maybe it can be in a better place.

Yes — you need a safe place to ask questions — but you also need someone who understands you and your business, someone who is willing to answer your questions, and someone that understands that social media is not “one size fits all.”

You need a social media GPS that will help you determine where you are and what you need to do for the results and engagement that you want.

I’m Mary Wu and I’ve seen many women with fabulous businesses struggle because they weren’t making the most of their social media or they were making some very fixable mistakes. Let’s make sure this isn’t happening to you.

In this “Insiders Group” you’ll have access to:

  • an ever-expanding resource library of tips and tricks
  • monthly open Q&A sessions
  • monthly coworking sessions
  • timely answers to your social media platform issues 

This program all happens in one easy-to-find place, a private Facebook Group.

My group is your go-to place for all your social media and social media marketing questions by someone who knows you AND your business. A

You’ll receive:

  • to the point training by Mary who has her pulse on not just the changes in the social media world, but which changes are important to you.
  • challenges that will encourage you to learn the things you might be afraid to try and give you support and encouragement through the process.

    Join now for $37.00/month (6-month minimum) 


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