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Social Media Strategy Plan – the fine print

Social Media Strategy Plan

(the fine print) 

What you’ll get:

  • Individual analysis of your current social media presence. 
  • Review of your business goals and activities.
  • Review of your current products, services, market & target audience to determine your future direction.  
  • A 3-month plan for your internet marketing activities and a review at the end of the 3 months to determine what’s working best.
  • Determine the one or two best platforms for your business communications based on your target market and audience
  • Find your online voice
  • A publishing plan with 20% or less of your content being promotional and 80% or more being informational or conversational.

Four different one-hour long strategy sessions (each being one-on-one) 

FIRST – an interview to determine where you are, and where you want to go.

SECOND – we work out an initial strategy (that will be reviewed during session 3)

THIRD – we review how the first month went and make any necessary adjustments.

FOURTH – a quarterly review and suggestions for adjustments and next steps.

Your investment – $250.


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