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Do you struggle with knowing the best ways to engage your social media audience?


Are you perplexed about when the best times are for posting to your different platforms?


Do you know how to take advantage of the differences between social media platforms?

YES — they are all different — and that’s a GOOD thing.

Do you ever get confused about all the changes that happen on different social media platforms (seemingly) every week?

(Actually — it not only seems like every week — it IS every week — we’ll cover that also.)

Would you love to have access to someone who is part social media planner, part consultant, and part accountability partner?


“During Mary’s consulting calls I get 2-3 actionable items that make a difference.”
Evie B.  

$120 value


CLICK HERE to sign up $97 (limited availability)


What happens in the Social Media Mavens Group?

  • You hold space and time to create your social media posts — while sharing ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • You have an opportunity to ask questions about the issues that you’re having. Have you run into a glitch? Are you confused about a change? During open Q&A you get to ask questions and you get to learn from the questions that others ask.
    Let’s face it — there’s always that one person that thinks to ask the question you didn’t even know you had.
  • You receive one-on-one coaching from an expert in the field of social media. It’s your time to get focused attention on your unique problems on your platforms.


“The Q&A call is great for getting answers to a wide range of social media questions. If I’m trying to figure out how to use a “new to me” feature or trying to figure out why something I did yesterday no longer works, Mary helps me figure it out!”
Michelle D

INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS — 97 (limited availability)


How are your meetings held?
All of the meetings are held virtually on Zoom. This means that you can be at home using your desktop or laptop or out and about using a laptop or tablet or phone.

How long are the meetings?
The Open Q&A is 1-hour long (2nd Fridays at 10:30 am)
The coworking is 2 hours long (4th Tuesday at 9:30 am)
The private consult is 30-minutes long (at a mutually agreed upon time each month)

How will I know that MY questions can be addressed at the Open Q&A and the coworking meetings?

Both the open Q&A and the coworking have LIMITED attendance – if there are too many people, I will gladly add another session of each per month. I’d like to have time to meet your needs. (But don’t worry — the calls will be recorded and if there’s a great question on a call, you’ll be updated on the question and answer through email)

What happens at the Open Q&A?

Well – first I’ll review NEW items on social media. There’s always something new, and sometimes those new things are useful to know. Then we’ll have time for YOU to ask questions. If your question is too complex or individual – we’ll save that issue for your private call.

What happens at the coworking?

First, I’ll have a short training module – this will be geared toward the people in the group and the platforms that they use. After that, we’ll have a work session using the Pomodoro technique (where you work in 25-minute spurts, then we come together for a 5-minute discussion or Q&A). During the coworking, you can also make questions or comments in the chat box.

What happens in the private consult?

That’s 30 minutes that’s dedicated to you. If you want to review your Facebook Posts – we’ll do that. If you want to go over your Instagram insights, we’ll do that. If you want to learn to build connections on LinkedIn, well — that’s what we’ll cover. That call is all about *YOU*

Is this forever?

Plan to give this program a 3-month trial. Building authentic relationships through social media is not something that happens overnight.

“In Mary’s coworking group, I am able to get tasks accomplished and get great ideas from Mary and the other people in the group.”
Barb H.  

CLICK HERE to sign up at $97 (limited availability)

What’s with the “Maven”?

WELL – that’s a two-part answer

  1. I have to blame one of my clients – she coined the term when referring to me as her “Social Media Maven.” At first (like most of us) I was a little hesitant to embrace the compliment – but that’s part of the overall problem – we are all hesitant to showcase our strengths. But if you don’t showcase your strengths, your potential clients will have a difficult time finding you – and your former clients won’t keep you “top of mind.” So – reach out and strut your stuff.
  2. There are things that a MAVEN does on social media — it’s how they reach out to their tribe.
    1) MEET people where they are. You need to find the platform that your audience is on – and be THERE. You might love LinkedIn, but if your audience is on Instagram, you’ll need to embrace that platform.
    2) Be your AUTHENTIC self. You are a wonderfully unique individual – there might be 10s or 100s or 1000s of people doing the same thing that you’re doing — but there’s only one YOU! So shine your true self and you’ll find the people that you resonate with.
    3) Offer VALUE. Yes, we’ve all seen those people that slam you with their sales pitch. Most people learn to tune out “pitches” but they’ll never tune out something they find of value.
    4) ENGAGE. Fact — every social media platform rewards engagement by placing your information “higher” in someone else’s timeline. You’ll learn how to engage, and you’ll learn how to read your analytics to get even more engagement. (Bonus “e” words: EDUCATE, ENRICH).
    5) NURTURE relationships. It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.

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