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LinkedIn Mastery

LinkedIn Mastery

An intensive LinkedIn class series

Create more clients, power partners, and leverage your business

Are you leaving money on the table? 


There are 900 million members on LinkedIn and

there is strength in numbers.

The people that are on LinkedIn are
C-Suite executives
College graduates
people making over $75,000 USD per year

The MINDSET that is on LinkedIn is
I’m here to learn
I’m here to purchase
I’m here to explore
I’m here for business

If these are the people that you need to reach – LinkedIn is the best social business platform for you.


I’ve worked with people looking to connect with

  • Business owners
  • Library managers
  • Podcast hosts
  • School administrators
  • Spiritual entrepreneurs
  • People of a specific age, gender, location

Your profile, posts, and activities can

  • Show your brilliance zone
  • Provide social proof with your connections and recommendations area
  • Attract your ideal client.


LinkedIn to its full potential? 

When you join this program you will be helping your business by doing the following:

  • Optimize your Profile to attract your ideal client
  • Create content directed at YOUR audience to have them learn about your zone of brilliance
  • Connect with the right people to help you build your business.


Learn the ABCs of LinkedIn:

  • Analyze your engagement (to see what works and what needs to be changed)
  • Build your profile (to show your strengths and reach out to your ideal client)
  • Content, Comments, and Connections (to start the conversations and keep them going)

Forget the common misconceptions

  • It’s a job board (actually – it hasn’t been a “job board” since about 2010)
  • It’s “stuffy” (I can show you how to take the “stuffiness” out of LinkedIn)
  • It takes a great deal of time (I’ll give you action steps that will take you 15-20 minutes per day, three to five days a week)
  • My audience isn’t there (Your audience is there, and with my guidance, they will find you)



In 6 live sessions we’ll cover the following: 

  • The foundation (how to optimize your headline, photos, and about section)
  • Strategies (comments, interactions, posts, recommendations to build your social proof)
  • Streamlining (time-saving techniques – so you’re not spending all day on LinkedIn)
  • Client and prospect-focused activities (so you can create income and grow your business with LinkedIn)

When you’re done you’ll have

  • A solid profile that attracts YOUR ideal clients
  • A strategic plan including your daily, weekly, and monthly action steps

How long does it take to get results on LinkedIn?

If you’re active, and you’re taking the suggestions of a good LinkedIn trainer, you should start seeing increases in your connections and followers within a month. It may take 2-3 months to start seeing results in the “money metrics” of new clients or finding great power partners.

How much time do I need to spend on yet another social media platform? 

You’ll learn how to plan out strategies in a few hours each month, and how to engage, connect, and comment in 15-20 minutes a day.



This workshop includes:

  • 6 Zoom group sessions.
  • Private Facebook group for questions that arise between sessions.
  • Small groups so that each participant gets INDIVIDUAL attention
  • Recording of sessions (in case life happens and you miss a week)
  • PLUS — one individual 30-minute session during the workshop and one after the workshop is over.




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