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Does your LinkedIn need a checkup?

    Send me your profile, I’ll check it out and give you 3 immediate actions steps you can take to improve your LinkedIn virtual networking.   If you’re interested — click the button below to get started.   Sign up NOW $99.00 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards   WHY LinkedIn? “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know”  That phrase has been around for as long as I can recall. Back in the day I saw many college students graduate and get jobs based on — well some of it was WHAT they knew — but a lot more of it was “WHO” they knew.   This is still true today — I’ve seen more business happen because of recommendations and referrals than from blindly throwing around ad dollars.   If you need to be sure that your LinkedIn profile and actions are saying the things you want to say to the right people (AND to the people they know) reach out for a LinkedIn checkup.   I’ll examine your LinkedIn profile and activities, we’ll meet on a Zoom call, and I’ll give you 2-3 steps you can take THIS WEEK to improve your LinkedIn.     Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
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